National Cat Day (October 29)

Set aside some time for your favorite feline today! We won’t tell if you sneak him an extra treat or two. If you’re considering adding a cat to your family, we highly recommend searching through your local shelter. Share your pictures of your lovely cats in the comments! Animation Theme Animation Theme

World Veterinary Day (April 29)

World Veterinary Day was started to promote the variety of work veterinarians do for our pets every single day. This year, the theme is Antimicrobial Resistance. Antibiotics have revolutionized human and animal healthcare, making once-lethal diseases curable, and it’s imperative that we keep antibiotics effective. Today, thank a veterinarian for working toward keeping all of […]

Hairball Awareness Day

Hairballs are a gross, hairy mess, and they aren’t pleasant for our cats, either! As cats shed their excess winter fur to prepare for warmer weather, you may notice hairballs more frequently. National Hairball Awareness Day is the last Friday in April, and what better way to recognize that day than by spending a little […]