Fourth of July

HEAD: Five for the 4th: Pet Safety Tips Barbeques, fireworks, and fun—the 4th of July is a great holiday, but it can bring some hazards for your pet. Here are some tips for keeping your animal friend safe while you celebrate: Fireworks are cool, but the racket is terrifying for many animals. Keep your pets […]

Fourth of July (Fireworks Only)

HEAD: Fireworks: Fun for Us, Frightening for Pets Fireworks are a staple of most 4th of July celebrations—but for many pets, they’re not fun at all. Shelters around the country fill up during this time of the year because of frightened animals trying to escape the big boom. Here are some things you can do […]

Fourth of July (Fireworks Noise Only)

HEAD: Fireworks are coming soon. Help your pets stay calm. Many of our pets don’t enjoy loud noises, but some suffer from noise aversion and are downright terrified of any kind of commotion. If your pet trembles, furrows his brow or clings to you when he hears loud noises, he likely suffers from noise aversion. […]

July 4th Safety

Non-Boosted Happy Fourth of July! Here are some tips for helping your pets enjoy this day, too. Boosted Fireworks are fun and beautiful to us, but they’re downright terrifying to our pets. Help your pet feel safe and comfortable on this festive (yet noisy) holiday. Provide background noise. Soft, calming music, television, and fans can […]