American Humane’s Adopt-a-Cat Month

American Humane’s Adopt-A-Cat Month happens every June to create awareness of the millions of awesome adoptable felines looking for fur-ever homes in shelters and rescues across the country. Here’s 6 great reasons why you should consider adding a cat to your life (and lap)!

  1. 3.2 million carts enter shelters and rescues every year, so adopting one makes a difference!
  2. Most cats are very social—especially when you’re trying to work on the computer.
  3. Having a cat in the family can make your kids less likely to have allergies.
  4. You’ll never find any creature more appreciative of an empty box.
  5. They’re very clean and generally speaking, much lower maintenance than dogs.
  6. Catnip. Trust us on this one.

Looking to add a friendly feline to the family? Check out adoptables near you at! (or your local shelter)

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