Parvo Outbreak 2022

Email Alert Subject line: ALERT: Parvo outbreak Preview text: Parvovirus is spreading in the US—here’s how to protect your dog URGENT: Deadly Parvovirus Outbreak Spreading in the U.S. Here’s how to protect your pet Last month over 30 dogs reportedly died from a mysterious illness in Michigan that ultimately turned out to be a new […]

Learning Unleashed: How To Create Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are an amazing tool for hospitals to curate specifc info that is the most relevant for their audience. Because they live front and center on your profile, they are ideal for helping new visitors get to know your hospital & team, as well as any promotions or important info. What are Instagram Stories […]

Social Media 360: How to Effectively Share Social Media Holidays

Posting on national holidays, or social media holidays can be a great way to connect with your audience. All to often, we see this being used as a bit of a crutch, so here are some best practices to consider: DON’T OVERDO IT!  If you do a quick search, nearly every day is some kind […]

Don’t Let Your Dog Go Viral! (Canine Flu)

Updated 11/22 Just like people, dogs can get the flu—known as canine influenza, or CIV. Also just like people, the more social the individual, the greater the risk of contracting the virus. Dogs that interact with other dogs at daycare, grooming, dog parks, or who are regularly groomed are much more likely to be exposed. […]

Who Is That Masked Man?!

Preparing Your Pets for Holiday Guests The holiday season may be a little different this year, but chances are you’ll be having more people in your home than you’ve had in a while. Even the most extroverted pet can become anxious or frightened by the sudden arrival of new people, and especially if they’re wearing […]

Preparing Your Pet for Paw-liday Travel 2020

Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are current, and that you carry proof of them with you. Headed out of state? A health certificate from an accredited veterinarian is a good idea and may even be required. Check the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s pet travel information site to find out what specific documentation might be needed. […]

It’s The Pits: Pit Bull Awareness Day is Oct. 26th

In the opening credits of a popular Animal Planet reality series, Tia Maria Torres of Villa Lobos Rescue Center says she runs a shelter for the world’s “most misunderstood breed of dog.” She’s talking about the dogs known as “pit bulls”— and she is right. It wasn’t always that way: a little over 100 years […]

Great American Shakeout: Earthquake Safety

HEAD: Shake Up: Are Your Pets Ready? The Great American Shakeout was October 18th, and it’s a good reminder that earthquake and disaster preparation is important for both people and pets, especially in this part of the country. Here are some safety and preparedness tips to ensure that your pet is ready. 1. Make sure […]