Don’t Leave Me!

The separation anxiety struggle will be real for your dog when you go back to work While you may be dreaming of the day you can go back to the office, your favorite coffee place, and to some gossipy chit-chat with co-workers, your dog might have serious issues when suddenly you’re gone again. (We say […]

American Humane’s Adopt-a-Cat Month

American Humane’s Adopt-A-Cat Month happens every June to create awareness of the millions of awesome adoptable felines looking for fur-ever homes in shelters and rescues across the country. Here’s 6 great reasons why you should consider adding a cat to your life (and lap)! 3.2 million carts enter shelters and rescues every year, so adopting […]

International Turtle Day (May 23)

Shellebrate World Turtle Day May 23rd! Turtles may not fetch or be cuddly, but they make great pets for dedicated owners! Here’s why: There’s over 270 varieties of turtles and tortoises Always willing to pose for a “shell-fie” Turtles and tortoises are educational pets, you’ll learn a lot caring for them They love the sun […]

Endangered Species Day (May 21)

Today, learn more about how you can help endangered species! Visit to find local events and hands-on ways to fight for animals’ lives. Animation Theme Photo Theme

National Pet Week® (May 1-7, 2022)

[NEWSLETTER CONTENT] Celebrate YOUR PETNational Pet Week is May 1 – 7 As a pet parent, you know the many ways that pets enrich your life—whether it’s as a companion, co-worker, comedian, or all of the above! National Pet Week is a chance to focus on the ways we can make pets’ lives better in […]