Beach Safety

HEAD: Bringing Your Pup to the Beach? Make Sure They’re Safe!

Most dogs love going to the beach, but make sure they stay safe when they’re catching waves! Here are some tips for keeping pets safe at the beach.

  • Keep your pet from drinking seawater! It can quickly cause vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. Bring a bowl and fresh water to provide to your pet when they get thirsty so they don’t gulp all that salt.
  • Bring a carrier to provide a cool, shady place to rest.
  • Sand is hot on those sensitive paws! Consider getting your dog booties to protect their toes. This will also protect them from dangers hidden in sand like shells, broken glass and fish hooks.
  • Don’t let pets eat sand, either. If they ingest too much, it can get lodged in their colon, stomach and small intestines, which can cause dehydration and more serious health problems.

If your pet experiences any problems while you’re at the beach, contact XXXX at 999-999-9999.