Begging Tips

HEAD: Stop the begging!

Sad puppy eyes are often difficult to ignore around the dinner table, but don’t be fooled—begging is a pesky behavior and many of the things we eat can cause health problems for our pets if ingested. Here are some tactics to employ when you’re faced with those woeful, begging, hopeful puppy eyes:

  • Do not give food to a begging dog. This seems like a simple and obvious answer, but if your dog has learned that he/she gets food while begging, then of course they will keep at it.
  • Ignore your pup. We all love our furry friends, but paying attention to them while they are begging encourages this habit.
  • Avoid yelling at your dog while you are eating. Giving them any attention, even negative, reinforces their behavior.
  • Place your dog in a sit or stay position while you are eating. Have them remain there until you are finished.
  • If your dog will not sit or stay, command them to go to their crate or their special spot until the food is gone.