Beware Blue-Green Algae

If your summer plans include taking your dog to local lakes and reservoirs, it’s important to be aware of advisories regarding toxic algae blooms in those bodies of water.

These blooms are expected to become more common, but most of [STATE/OUR REGION]’s lakes and reservoirs are not monitored regularly, so people should be on the lookout for the signs of an algae bloom: foamy, scummy, thick-looking water with green, blue-green, or brownish-red cells suspended in the water.

These algae cells contain toxins that can make both pets and people sick and cannot be removed by boiling or filtering. A good rule of thumb is when in doubt, stay out.

Serious, life-threatening symptoms from algae poisoning can develop quickly and kill your pet within 24 hours. If your dog goes into water you suspect or know is dangerous, you should:

  • Prevent your pet from licking its fur
  • Wash your pet with clean water as soon as possible
  • Watch for symptoms like drooling, weakness, vomiting, staggering, or convulsions

If you have questions about toxic algae poisoning or believe your pet has been exposed, don’t hesitate to call us at [HOSPITAL TEL NUMBER].