Learning Unleashed: Branding your Social Media Page & Posts

Keeping your brand image cohesive and consistent affects what people think about your hospital. The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding — through colors, language, fonts, and overall tone. Your brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with patients.
Top Tips For Consistent Branding:

Stick with your brand colors
Your iVET360 team is here to pave the way for you! Take a look at your website for color combinations.
Steer clear of crazy fonts: try and only use brand fonts
If you are unsure of what to do, ask your MM for branded guidance and more resources!
Create a consistent tone or type of language that you like to use (no matter who is crafting the copy).
Think of how your hospital would talk, if it was a human. How would it communicate? With warmth? A more scientific tone? A bit of humor? Play into what you want your patients to feel when they walk through your doors.

Don’t overuse stock imagery
We have a love/hate relationship with stock photos. Authenticity always is better than canned photos, but we understand it’s a necessary evil sometimes.