CBC and Blood Panels

HEAD: Why Your Vet is Out for Blood

If you’ve ever brought your pet in for a routine check-up or illness, chances are the veterinarian has wanted to start with “blood work”, also known as a blood screening or blood panel. That’s because just like in humans, the cells and chemicals present in your pet’s blood can give the doctor a wealth of clues about what’s happening in various organs of the body.

Once a blood sample is drawn, veterinarians will usually request a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and then a chemistry panel specific to your pet’s needs, such as a liver panel, an electrolyte panel, a geriatric panel, or a pre-surgical panel. The CBC is a snapshot of the red and white cells in your pet’s blood and can reveal many conditions, like whether he or she is anemic, dehydrated, or has an active infection. A panel is comprised of several different tests and can give more specific information related to a diagnosis. These panels can also be helpful in determining the possible progression of a disease.

Animals tend to be stoic when it comes to pain and are unable to verbalize their symptoms, so blood work is vital to determining a diagnosis and assessing your pet’s overall health. That’s why during October, Garden Oaks is offering a Blood Work Special: Just $20 for a Complete Blood Count with a Junior Wellness Panel, or $10 for a CBC with a Senior Wellness Panel.

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