Deer & Elk Mating Season Pet Safety

HEAD: Beware Bucks and Bulls

During deer and elk mating season, bulls and bucks can get aggressive and pose a serious danger to dogs they encounter, especially those who are assertive or curious.

It’s never a good idea to let your dog approach wildlife, but especially during rutting season in the fall. Some tips for keeping you and your pet safe include:

  • Keeping your distance. If you spot an elk or deer, don’t let your pet approach or harass the animal.
  • Watch for signs of aggression. Snorting, stomping and finally charging are sure signs you or your pet could be in danger.
  • Avoid making direct eye contact and talk to the animal in a low, steady voice as you back away.
  • Most importantly, keep your pet on a leash or safely inside a fenced yard or enclosure if you have deer or elk wandering near your home.

Finally, make sure you have our number handy if your pet should become injured: 999-999-9999.