Dog Treat Recall! (Chef Toby Pig Ears)

The FDA has announced a voluntary recall on the part of Dog Goods USA LLC, a dog treat distribution center in Pennsylvania. The specific treats are “non-irradiated bulk and packaged pig ears branded Chef Toby Pig Ears” and are being recalled based on a positive sample test for Salmonella at the manufacturing plant in Brazil. 

Salmonella will have varying effects on pets. Some will only have a fever, decreased appetite and abdominal pain, but others will suffer from vomiting and diarrhea or worse. Often, pets can be infected but not show symptoms outwardly, making them carriers that could infect other animals—or even you and your family. 

If your pet has consumed one of these products and is showing these symptoms or similar, please don’t hesitate to give us as at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. For more information on Salmonella and the FDA’s dog treat investigation, you can follow this link