Great American Shakeout: Earthquake Safety

HEAD: Shake Up: Are Your Pets Ready?

The Great American Shakeout was October 18th, and it’s a good reminder that earthquake and disaster preparation is important for both people and pets, especially in this part of the country. Here are some safety and preparedness tips to ensure that your pet is ready.

1. Make sure your pet is identified! Collars with tags are great, but nothing beats a microchip to give you the best chance of recovering a pet that has run away or escaped in fear.

2. Don’t try to restrain your animal. When an earthquake is happening, a pet may bite, scratch or claw you to run to safety. If you are outside walking your dog when an earthquake happens, drop to the ground immediately and crawl away to an area away from trees power lines, and buildings. Hold on to the leash as best as you can, but if your safety is at risk you may need to drop the leash and let your dog find safety on his own.

3. Know your pet’s hiding places. Animals will hide when frightened—this is especially true of cats.

4. Display a pet alert sign in the window of your home. After an earthquake, first responders will know that there are pets inside who may need rescue.

5. Have a disaster kit ready. Food, medications, bedding, toys, and a carrier are important to start. The San Francisco ASPCA has more information about building a pet emergency kit. Need more safety tips or want to get your pet microchipped? Make an appointment online or call us at 999-999-9999.