February is Dog Training Education Month

Oh Behave!

If you’re looking to start the new year off on the right paw with your pet, here are a few basic training strategies to improve your human-canine bond.

  • Got a problem barker? It’s a pretty common issue, but you’ve got to be consistent and patient if you want to make it stop. First, yelling back at your dog just makes him think you’re joining in on the fun. Instead. Calmly say “Quiet!” and reward your pet when he stops barking. It might take him a while to get it, but eventually most dogs do.
  • Does your dog walk you? Leash-pulling not only ruins walks, but it can be dangerous for both you and your pooch. Start by playing “follow me” with your dog: While holding the leash, take a few steps backward and when the dog turns and follows you, say “yes!” and immediately reward her. There are many types of corrective harnesses available to help with this problem–it’s just a matter of finding the one that is right for your dog.
  • Is your dog hyperactive and unruly? Chances are he or she isn’t getting enough exercise and/or mental stimulation. When you adopt a pet, it’s crucial to choose one that fits your lifestyle in terms of energy and time. Puppies are almost irresistible, but they usually require lots of consistent training and exercise in order to become a well-behaved family member. In addition to making sure your pet is getting enough activity, it’s important not to reward the behavior by giving in to it with positive or negative responses.

Keep in mind that training and learning is something that takes time and patience, and continues throughout a dog’s lifetime. Follow this link for more basic online training tips, and remember–if your dog starts to have a behavior problem, it’s important to rule out a medical cause first. Give us a call at [HOSPITAL TEL NUMBER] and we’ll be happy to advise and help!