Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

  • Careful with turkey & trimmings! Bits of lean meat are fine, but fatty skin, gravy, and drippings can cause pancreatitis.
  • Bones are a choking hazard, as is the twine you used to secure your bird.
  • Stuffing have onion, garlic, nutmeg, raisins, nuts, or mushrooms? It’s a no-no for fido—and felines, too.
  • Make sure centerpieces & potpourri with ribbons, flowers and sticks are out of paw’s reach.
  • Beer, wine & other alcohol is dangerous for pets—keep glasses and cans above snout level.
  • Consider putting your pet in another room with toys and bedding while guests are in the house or at least giving them a “safe place” where they can decompress.
  • Keep our number handy for emergencies if you think your pet has ingested something dangerous: [HOSPITAL TEL NUMBER]. You can also click here [HYPERLINK TO WEBSITE EMERGENCY PAGE] for after-hours/holiday emergency resources.

Have a wonderful (and pet-safe) Thanksgiving!