Health Tips for Indoor Cats

HEAD: Tips for Keeping Indoor Cats Healthy

Indoor cats tend to live longer than outdoor cats since they’re less likely to encounter dangerous wildlife and the diseases that pests and wild animals can pass along. However, indoor cats are more likely to be obese, as they generally have more sedentary lifestyles, and obesity can lead to serious health complications.

Here are some tips for keeping your indoor cat healthy:

  • Provide an enriching environment. This can include cat trees and other things to climb on as well as toys that get your cat running and jumping around. Rotate toys to keep your cat interested in them, and play with your cat directly a couple times each day. Cats need exercise too, and keeping your cat active will help him manage his weight!
  • Watch his food intake. If you have more than one cat, make sure they’re all able to get enough to eat. Sometimes, one cat will be more dominant and will try to eat everyone’s food.
  • Teach your cat how to walk on a leash. It may seem silly, but cats can certainly be walked too. Start off slowly with walks around the house, and eventually, you can take him outside. (But make sure his flea and tick protection is up to date first!)

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