Heartworm & Giardia (Rain/Weather)

HEAD: Heavy Rains Bring Higher Risk of Heartworm & Giardia

The recent heavy rains have not only resulted in flooding and property damage, they’ve also left our pets with an increased risk of heartworm and giardia.

Heartworm is a potentially deadly parasite contracted when an infected mosquito bites your dog or cat. The standing, stagnant water in our area is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, and given the prevalence of heartworm in this state, it’s essential that your pet be on a regular preventative.

Symptoms of heartworm to watch for include coughing, resistance to exercise, and weight loss and usually don’t appear until the disease is advanced. While heartworm treatment is available, it’s not only expensive owners, but can be hard on your pet.

Our waterlogged condition also means an increased risk of giardia, an intestinal parasite that can easily be transmitted to pets if they drink feces-contaminated water. While infected pets may not show symptoms initially, giardia can cause persistent diarrhea and can sometimes be difficult to clear. Unlike heartworm, there are no drugs or vaccines that can be given to prevent giardia—your best bet is to make sure your pet doesn’t drink from puddles. If you have any questions about heartworm, giardia, or want to make an appointment to get your pet started on heartworm prevention, contact XXXX online or at 999-999-9999.