Holiday Boarding Tips

HEAD: Six Steps to Boarding Success

If you’re traveling this holiday season and plan on boarding your pet, there are several things you can do to make it a much better experience for both you and your animal companion.

  1. Make sure all vaccinations are current prior to arrival for boarding, and that you have proof of those vaccinations with you. It’s a good idea to call now to confirm that your pet has all the inoculations necessary for boarding, and to schedule vaccinations well before the holiday rush if not.
  2. Bring toys, bedding and blankets from home. These items will provide reassurance for your pet while you’re away. You might even consider bringing a shirt or sock with your scent on it to leave with them.
  3. In addition to completely filling out the forms from the boarding facility, you’ll want to verbally inform staff of any special diets, medications, or food issues, as well as unusual behaviors, fears, or needs.
  4. Exercise your dog for a minimum of one hour before arrival. This will help relieve anxiety, and keep your dog from getting restless or soiling the kennel space right away.
  5. Make goodbyes and hellos short, sweet, and not too emotional. Pets are very sensitive to our emotions and may get stressed. Stay calm and leave quickly.
  6. Consider pheromone collars and sprays for pets to help soothe them while you’re away. Even the best-run kennel can be a stressful environment, and products such as Feliway spray or Adaptil pheromone collars for dogs and cats may reduce anxiety.

If you have questions about boarding your pet or want to schedule an appointment to get current vaccinations, don’t hesitate to call us at 999-999-9999.