July is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month

You’re No Bunny ‘Til Some Bunny Loves You

Have you ever considered a rabbit as a pet? July is Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month, and we’re here to tell you they make wonderful companions in the right homes.

Rabbits have very distinctive personalities and can be as playful and fun as any puppy—only much, much quieter! They also tend to need less space and can be litterbox trained. And contrary to what you might think, rabbits do tend to bond closely with their families, and can even be taught respond to commands.

Our own [VETERINARIAN NAME] treats rabbits and other “pocket pets” and can advise you about proper nutrition, housing, and care. So hop to it! There are many rabbits of all shapes and sizes in need of loving homes in our area and adoption is so important. Click here [LINK TO LOCAL RABBIT RESCUE WEBSITE] to have a look at some adorable, adoptable bunnies now.