Keep Your K9 Occupied!

Some ideas to banish boredom if your dog has to stay indoors a lot due to smoke, bad weather, or quarantine:

Create an obstacle course. Use cushions or chairs to build tunnels and using old hula hoops or inner tubes for him or her to leap through.

The Muffin Tin Game. You’ll need a muffin tin and some tennis balls and one high value, smelly treat. Put the treat in one of the muffin spots, and then cover all the muffin spots with a tennis ball. Then let your dog sniff out his or her reward! Pro tip: If your dog is scared of loud noises, put the muffin tin on the carpet.
Play 3-cup Monty. Three cups and a high-value treat is all you need. Have your pet watch as you put a treat under a cup and then move them around out of order. When your pup figures out where the treat is, they can uncover their reward!
Play Hide & Seek. Put your dog in a “stay” or have someone hold him or her while you hide in the house, then call your dog from where you are. Reward with treats or lots of affection & excitement when they find you. This game can also be played by making a favorite toy or high-value treat the object of the search.
Teach your old dog new tricks. Pick something new to teach your pet—like “spin” or a “high-five”—and make that a project, practicing consistently every day. You can also impress your friends by teaching your canine to fetch their own leash or turn the lights off and on.