Learning Unleashed: Creating A Compelling Job Ad For Social!

It’s no secret that hiring in the current job market is a challenge- in our industry especially. In this blog post we will be sharing how to write an engaging job ad for social media, and help use social ads as a recruiting tool!

Instagram has one billion active users worldwide. Facebook boasts 2.85 billion. With really impressive conversion rates, sharing job posts on social has never been more critical. How to know if you should choose Facebook, Instagram, or simply post to both? Check to see where your current ideal employees are spending their time online. This is most likely where you will find potential candidates.

Utilize The Job Postings Section

Job postings appear on and link to your Facebook business Page. It’s a great tool, because potential employees have the chance to learn more about your business and the job opportunity before applying, ensuring you get informed job applicants. Once you have completed creating the job posting, you can run the post as an ad with a range of budgets.

Creating a targeted ad:

Facebook owns Instagram, and it runs on the same advertising platform. That means you can build super-targeted custom audiences and only share your job listing with those ideal matches, getting your posts in front of suitable candidates. You can target with the following, as well as plenty of other demographic filters:

  • Location
  • Job title
  • Current or past employers
  • Education level

The Basics Of Writing A Job Ad – Template!


-Bullet points of three reasons why this role is exciting

-Education or experience requirements

Our Offer

In bullet point format, spell out what makes your practice stand out and what the role can offer them. This is important in our highly competitive market). Show them why your office is a great place to work!

About You

This is where you will describe your ideal candidate. Are they positive and a self-starter? Do they need specific qualifications? List out in bullet point form.

Our Location

Include a short one-paragraph blurb about what makes your location great.

Call To Action!

(i.e. Ready to Apply? We’d love to see a cover letter highlighting why you think you’d be a good fit for our practice, as well as a fully updated resume. Please send all materials to [CONTACT])