Learning Unleashed: How to Create A Call To Action:

Your call to action tells your target audience what they should be doing once they read your post or click on your ad. This could be as simple as “buy now!”… but today, we are going to share some key phrases that you can use when crafting your next CTA.

Small CTA options: Comment below, save this post, share this post, tell us if you’ve ever considered…

Big CTA options: Click this link, follow us on ___, sign up, register…

When creating a CTA, think about driving with action words. Try incorporating one of the following:
Get, Start, Stop, Save, Download, Learn, Join, Build, Discover, Gain, Shop, Go
Want to give a sense of urgency? Try one of these:
Limited-time, limited amount, only a few, ending soon, exclusive, don’t miss out, ending on x date, holiday special