Learning Unleashed: How To Create Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are an amazing tool for hospitals to curate specifc info that is the most relevant for their audience. Because they live front and center on your profile, they are ideal for helping new visitors get to know your hospital & team, as well as any promotions or important info.

What are Instagram Stories Highlights?

Unlike IG Stories, which vanish after 24 hours, your highlights can live permanently on the top of your profile. They can be saved from any stories that you share and can be watched at any time.

What To Share:

You could share pharmacy promos, covid protocol updates, a “meet the team” feature, or educational content around parasite prevention. The opportunities are endless.

How To Create Instagram Stories Highlights

To create an Instagram Stories Highlight, go to your IG profile and on the down-arrow next to “Story Highlights,” tap the “New” or “+” button.

Pick the Cover Photo for Your Instagram Stories Highlights

After you have selected your stories, you’ll get to choose a highlight title, as well as choose your cover photo. Keep the title simple, and try and use clear images that are aligned with the overall look of your website and hospital branding.