Learning Unleashed: How To Lean On Your Team As Content Contributors

You have heard that social media content is king, but you can never seem to have e time, which is why we at iVET360 want to get your team involved! Are you already sweating about how difficult it will be to convince your staff to create content? If you are planning on getting your team involved, here is our guide to getting started.

Nobody knows what sets your hospital apart better than your staff, and because of that, their voices will be the most authentic in representing your hospital on social media. Not to mention, their personal viewpoints and experiences are also what make your hospital so unique.

Make it Easy For Them!

Let’s face it- content creation isn’t second nature for everyone.

To make it a more enjoyable process, and less like homework, find creative ways to make the process joyful!

You can start small, by having each member of the team participate in a written q&a. Have them each answer a common patient question with a 3-5 sentence answer. After reviewing and editing, you can piece these together as a blog post, or split them up into several Instagram or Facebook posts!

Record Them Speaking

Some people are better at talking through their ideas, rather than writing them. Instead of forcing your team to sit down and put pen to paper, why don’t you try to have them record themselves speaking, and transcribing the audio for a piece of content?

Have Topics At The Ready

Instead of relying on the team to come up with content, start an ongoing document with topics and key phrases that your audience is in need of knowing. That way, you can assign content, and rotate through your most-needed topics.

You can also encourage your teammates to add to this running list on their own, for more autonomy.

Give Them Plenty of Time

Set goals for when you would like to publish posts, and give people at least three weeks to research, write, and get feedback. Even if they procrastinate on writing or recording, your team will be more supportive with a realistic timeline. Also be sure to set time aside on the schedule to ensure they are not working on this outside of their typical work hours.

Let Them Explore New Mediums

Every team is diverse and has different talents. Allow your team to run with whatever their passions may be! Have a great vet tech who loves photography? Or a receptionist that has a youtube channel? Lean into your team’s strengths.

Reward Them!

Who doesn’t love a reward?! Try setting goals or small contests as an incentive for your team. Even verbal recognition helps your people know that you value the work they are putting in.

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