Leash Pulling

HEAD: If Your Dog Walks You, Try These Tips

One of the most common training problems dog owners encounter is a dog that pulls on the leash, dragging you around trees, down the block, to towards whatever that curious canine nose finds interesting. Here are some tips to help you get that pulling pooch under control:

  • It’s all about rewards. Treat the dog just for paying attention to you and being in the desired position while on the leash.
  • Play “follow me”. While holding the leash, take a few steps backward and when the dog turns and follows you, say “yes!” and immediately reward him or her.
  • Practice on your regular walks. Whenever the dog walks beside you on the leash, give a reward.
  • Consider a training collar or lead. Front clip harnesses or Gentle Leaders can be extremely helpful with practiced pullers.

Teaching your pet proper leash manners isn’t just a matter of enjoyment, it’s also a safety issue. Leash-pullers can also run the risk of accidentally breaking away from you and running away. It also reduces the risk that you’ll be injured by being pulled over. For more tips on leash training, check out PetMD’s training page.