Lowering Pet Stress While Moving (Cat)

HEAD: Lowering Cats’ Stress While Moving

Cats can get very disoriented and stressed when they are taken out of their familiar home environments. These tips can help make your cat’s move as smooth as possible:

  • Keep his routine the same. Your schedule might get a little frantic while you’re packing and preparing to move, but make sure you’re still feeding him on the same schedule. Cats are creatures of habit, and they feel more at ease when they’re kept to their regular schedules.
  • Cat-proof your new house before moving your cat. Hide cords, check that window screens are secure, and cover any cubbies where he could hide and get stuck.
  • Set him up with food, water, and a litter box in a room that will be quiet. Make sure you spend time with him in this room so he doesn’t feel like he’s being punished. Gradually allow him to explore more rooms in the house once you are completely finished unpacking.
  • If you are moving more than one cat to the same new house, make sure you move the cats together. Otherwise, the first cat to arrive may assume the house is his territory, and the other cat may have more trouble adjusting.

If you suspect that your cat will become very stressed during your move, ask your veterinarian about more anxiety-reducing techniques, like anti-anxiety medication. Give XXXX a call at 999-999-9999 to schedule an appointment.