Marijuana and Pets

HEAD: How Marijuana Affects Our Pets

Marijuana is not safe for our pets, as it affects them more acutely than it affects humans. When pets ingest marijuana, they experience health issues that vary in severity depending on their size and weight and how much they consume. Whether a pet eats dried buds, edibles made with cannabis butter or even if they just breathe in secondhand smoke, they can be negatively affected by marijuana.

The most common symptoms include lethargy, stumbling, incontinence, low blood pressure, abnormal heart rate and abnormal breathing. Some pets instead become hyperactive and anxious, and some, if they consume a lot, even have seizures.

To prevent marijuana poisoning in your pets, keep any and all marijuana products locked away so your pets cannot access them. It is especially important to keep pets away from edibles, like brownies, as these can cause chocolate poisoning as well.

If you’d like to learn more about how pets are affected by marijuana, or if you ever suspect that your pet has consumed marijuana, contact XXXX by calling 999-999-9999.