Marijuana & CBD Products (2018)

HEAD: Don’t Let Your Pet Go to Pot

You’ve probably heard about marijuana-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products as a cure or aid for many conditions in both humans and pets, and we get lots of questions about them at our clinic. In fact, the first official, independently-funded study of the effects of marijuana and cannabis products on veterinary patients will begin later this year. Until then, we have no credible research or information about the effectiveness or potential risks of using these products on pets.

What we do know is this: CBD itself contains none of the intoxicating properties of the more famous chemical THC, and most CBD-advertised edibles for humans still contain THC, which is highly toxic to pets. While most pet-specific CBD products are likely safe when given in the proper dosage, the oils and edibles made for humans should never be used on your pets.

As for marijuana itself, many pet owners will attest to its effectiveness for seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, cancer symptoms, and pain management. Regardless, you should never assume that marijuana will effect animals the same way as it does humans. We have seen several cases of marijuana toxicity at the hospital and symptoms vary but may include lethargy, stumbling, incontinence, abnormal heart rate and even seizures.

To prevent marijuana poisoning in your pets, keep all marijuana products locked away so your pets cannot access them. It is especially important to keep pets away from edibles, like brownies, as these can cause chocolate poisoning as well.

If you have questions about CBD products or marijuana use for pets, call us at 999-999-9999.