May Is National Pet Month!

While you may feel like every month is pet month at your house, this special designation was created specifically to promote the benefits of responsible pet ownership, support pet adoption and shine a light on the work of service animals. Some great ways to celebrate include:

  • Adopt a pet – We have many great local shelters and rescues [HYPERLINK TO GOOGLE SEARCH OF ANIMAL SHELTERS IN AREA] with loving cats and dogs needing homes, and you can also check Petfinder and see who is available for adoption near you.
  • Support your local shelter – If you can’t adopt, consider donating money, food, or supplies, which are always desperately needed by these organizations. You might also want to volunteer your time if you’re able.
  • Look into volunteering with a service dog organization – [LOCAL GUIDE DOG ORGANIZATION] is always looking for puppy raisers to teach the basics to their guide dogs in training.
  • Make sure your pet is up to date on preventive care – Vaccinations, parasite protection, and a wellness exam are great ways to ensure your pet stays healthy and that we catch any problems early. Let us know if we can help with that—just give us a call at [HOSPITAL TEL NUMBER]!