Mystery Canine Illness

To our valued clients,

This is a cautionary announcement from your veterinary team. There have been increasing reports of a mystery illness affecting canines across the country. The following symptoms are signs of infection:

  • Coughing (increasing to a wet/hacking cough)
  • Lethargy/Fatigue
  • Eye or nose discharge
  • Sneezing
  • Blue or purple gums (from oxygen deprivation)
  • Trouble Breathing

If your pet exhibits these symptoms and tests negative for other common respiratory illnesses, they may be affected by this mystery illness. There is no official diagnoses or treatment at this time. As officials continue to investigate to determine how to treat the illness, these are ways you can best protect your pet:

  • Keep your pet up to date on flu and Bordetella vaccinations*
  • Stay away from common gathering areas like parks, dog daycare, and grooming facilities
  • Consider holiday plans to reduce the need for using pet-boarding kennels

If you are unsure if your pet is up to date on vaccinations, please contact our office at [HOSPITAL PHONE NUMBER] in order to check and schedule vaccinations as needed.

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