National Check the Chip Day (August 15)

HEAD: Check That Chip!!

One of the worst feelings to experience as a pet owner is realizing your pet has gone missing. Considering only 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats make it back to their owners, it can often feel like you may never see your pet again.

National Check the Chip Day is August 15th, and we want to take this opportunity to share more information on why microchipping is so important:

  • Unlike collars and tags, microchips cannot fall off and get lost. It’s with your pet for life.
  • Microchipping a pet is inexpensive and super simple: a veterinary technician injects the tiny chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. Because the chip is encased in hypoallergenic, bio-friendly glass, allergic reactions to chips are incredibly rare.
  • Most animal shelters and veterinary hospitals have chip scanners now, so microchips make it incredibly easy to get lost pets the help they need.

But remember: a microchip is only useful if your contact information is updated. Make sure anytime you move, you update your information with the microchip registry. There may be a fee associated with re-registering a chip, but it’s usually small and varies depending on the registration company.

Give your pets a better chance of finding their way home if they’re lost! Schedule an appointment by calling us at [HOSPITAL TEL NUMBER].