National Walk Your Dog (or Pet) Month V2

HEAD: It’s National Walk Your Pet Month!

Your very good dog likes to go on walks. It gets them out of the house, gets them exercise, lets them sniff around, and gives them new places to do their business. Walking the dog is not only a great activity for your hound, but it’s also a good activity for you, too!

According to Pet Obesity Prevention, 58 percent of American pets are overweight or obese.

Since we all love our furry friends, let’s celebrate National Walk Your Pet month by getting out and exploring our neighborhoods!

Here are some tips for strolling with your pooch:

  • Bring the baggies. Don’t be that person who doesn’t pick up after your pet. We’ve all stepped in it, and when you step in it, you know what you’ve just walked into. This is a no-brainer. Bring the baggies.
  • Be safe after dark. Lighted leashes, collars, and other accessories are easily available at your local pet store or online. These help to make sure you can be seen by motorists, bikers, and other pedestrians while you’re on your walk.
  • Bond with your dog. This time is cherished for your pup, so strengthen your friendship by being attentive on your walk, rather than talking on the phone or texting.
  • Know your dog’s stamina. If you’ve got a big pooch who is constantly hyper, try a longer walk to let them get their fix. If your dog is panting and slowing down, they’ve definitely got their exercise.