New Year’s Eve Pet Safety Tips

HEAD: Ring in the New Year with These Pet Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve is a joyous holiday full of celebrations, loud noises, beverages, and resolutions. While we humans enjoy these festivities, our pets may not be as ecstatic about all the hoopla—the boisterous commotion can be overwhelming to them, and there are potentially hazardous situations that can befall them. To keep our furry (and scaly!) friends safe during this time, here are some tips to ring in the New Year safe and happy:

  • Update identification and keep pets indoors. Noisemakers, fireworks, and popping bottles can put our pets in panic mode, where they look to escape and may get lost. Now is a good time to double check your pet’s license, identification tags, and microchip.
  • Be mindful of adult beverages and glass placement. Alcohol is a real problem for pets, and overactive tails could also knock over glasses, resulting in injuries from broken glass.
  • Create a calm atmosphere. Positive noise can distract your pet from the loud pops and whizzes, which helps to reduce anxiety. Consider placing your pet in a room with soothing classical music.
  • Exercise your pet to calmness. If you have a dog, take them to the park for a good workout. For the kitty cats, keep them occupied throughout the day with feather toys and laser pointers. Hopefully when the noise starts, they’ll be too tired to be stressed out.

If you need more information or have any questions about New Year’s pet safety, call us at 999-999-9999.