Personality Plus

Vet practices know what sets them apart from other animal hospitals, but their social media often isn’t fully utilized to showcase how special they are. Is holistic/alternative care a big thing for you? Are you the recognized place to go for senior pets? Is your staff particularly funny and outgoing? Do your doctors have a very calming way with animals? All these things are big components of your practice “persona” or brand.
This is important because in a marketplace increasingly dominated by corporate hospitals with huge advertising budgets, you’re going to need to set yourself apart to compete for both clients and potential employees. Developing your practice brand will help define your visual look, social media strategy, and increase loyalty. It can also be a project you use to engage all the members of your team. Get started by clicking below to download a questionnaire you can circulate to your staff or hand out at the next team meeting for input!

Download Branding Questionnaire