Pet Breast Cancer Awareness

HEAD: October is (Pet) Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Too!

Did you know that breast cancer is a serious issue for female cats and dogs as well? The statistics are alarming: breast cancer—also known as mammary cancer—is the most common malignant cancer in dogs and the third most common in cats. While felines develop this type of cancer about half as often as dogs, it is much more likely to be fatal when they do.

The good news is that for pets, breast cancer is one of the easiest to prevent. Spaying your female dog or cat before the age of six months can reduce the risk of malignant tumors significantly. The risk of breast cancer goes down 90% if a cat is spayed before her first heat cycle, and for female dogs, the risk goes down to less than 1%.

If you have an unaltered female dog or cat, it’s important to do regular mammary exams. You can start with a tummy rub to relax your pet, but should you feel any unusual lumps or bumps, it’s a good idea to get your pet in for an exam as soon as possible.  

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