Problematic Barking

HEAD: Solving Behavioral Issues: Problematic Barking

Excessive barking is a common behavioral problem in dogs. While dogs need to bark in certain situations—if they suspect danger, for example, they may bark to warn you, which is incredibly useful—you certainly don’t want your dog barking your ear off all hours of the day.

Some dogs bark too much because they’re seeking attention, or because you’ve left for work for the day and they can hardly bear being without you. Getting your dog to stop barking in these situations takes time, so don’t expect an easy, overnight fix. Here are some tips for curbing excessive, problematic barking:

  • Don’t yell back. When you yell at your dog to be quiet, he thinks you’re just joining the barking fun! Speak firmly and calmly when you tell your dog to stop barking. Do not yell at him.
  • Praise him when he’s quiet. Teach him the command “Quiet!” and give him treats and lots of affirmation when he listens to you. Eventually, if you stick with this, he’ll realize that he doesn’t need to bark all the time.
  • Ask your veterinarian. Some dogs bark a lot because they’re in pain and are trying to let us know. If your dog is suddenly very talkative, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your XXXX veterinarian so you can make sure he’s not hurting.

For more guidance on dealing with your pet’s barking, schedule an appointment at XXXX by calling 999-999-9999.