Responsible Dog Ownership Month

It’s been said that the best bargain humans ever made was with dogs: we give them our leftover food and time, and they give us everything. Of course, we know now that if a dog is going to live a healthy, long life, they need a bit more to keep them safe and healthy.September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Think you’re a responsible dog owner? Run down the checklist below and find out!

  • My dog sees the vet at least once per year for a routine check-up and vaccinations.
  • My dog is microchipped and is wearing external identification.
  • I have a way to pay for emergency veterinary expenses if my dog gets suddenly sick or injured.
  • I have a plan for my pet is there’s a natural disaster, emergency, or if something should happen to me and I can’t care for him or her.
  • My dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation nearly every day.
  • My dog has a place where he or she can be safe and warm and protected from the elements.
  • My dog does not live most of his or her life on a chain or confined to a small area.

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, it’s a good bet you have one lucky dog! If you need help answering yes to all of them, reach out to us for resources and ideas to help you and your pet!

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