Stem Cells

Simply explained, stem cells are the body’s own repair cells. There are many adult stem cells in fat tissue, however they are dormant. A stem cell procedure allows your veterinarian to isolate stem cells from your pet’s own fat tissue, activate them and re-inject them directly into the damaged areas, all in one visit.

The goal of this revolutionary procedure is to provide a potent, anti-inflammatory effect promoting cartilage and other tissue regeneration, ultimately creating a healthier joint environment. More importantly, it’s an all-natural approach to healing without the adverse side effects and complications of drugs or surgery.

The advantages of using this technology include not only the affordability, but it’s also a safe, non-invasive and drug-free procedure. There is no comparison as this is the most logical cell therapy choice for treating osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia and tendon, ligament and bone injuries.

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