Thanksgiving Safety (Cats)

HEAD: A Purr-fectly Safe Thanksgiving for Your Cat

Thanksgiving is one of the year’s best holidays, and it’s fun to share it with pets. However, many of the foods, treats, and decorations that we enjoy can be real hazards to cats in particular. Here are some tips you and your feline friend will be thankful for.

  • Keep cut flowers and centerpieces out of paw’s reach. Many of the most beautiful plants—such as lilies and mistletoe–are quite poisonous to felines. Ribbons, strings, and sticks are a danger as cats love to play with them and if ingested, they can become caught in the intestinal tract, and cause irreparable damage. Potpourri also contains herbs and oils that can be toxic to cats.
  • Careful with the turkey and trimmings. Turkey is high in fat, and even small amounts can trigger pancreatitis. Pancreatitis has potentially fatal side effects like dehydration and liver and kidney damage. Don’t ever give turkey bones to your cat, and once again, keep an eye on that tasty-smelling string you used to secure your bird while cooking.
  • Don’t let your pet get stressed. The holidays often mean a change in routine, with more activity, strangers, and noise. Stress can be a real problem for cats and even cause disease. For particularly skittish felines, restriction to a quieter area of the home during celebrations might be worth considering.

If you have questions about keeping your cat safe and healthy during the holidays, please feel free to contact us at 999-999-9999.