The Rules of Engagement

Who doesn’t love a photo of cute cats and dogs on your social posts? Although those furry friends may garner some likes, we challenge you to engage with your audience. Sound overwhelming? Fear not! We have rounded up the easiest ways to connect with your audience and start a dialogue with your followers.

Use a CTA (Call To Action)!

Use the last line of a social media post to increase engagement by asking them questions about the post.
Some things you can ask include:

  • What was your biggest takeaway?
  • Comment below with your favorite dog name!
  • Double tap if this was helpful.

Show Your Expertise

A great way to get people involved and showcase your practice as a thought leader is by answering frequently asked veterinary questions. Ask around your office to find out what your doctors and techs get asked the most, and create a post with a Q&A! Clients will get their questions answered, and who knows, it might snowball into more conversation.