Traveling with Pets (General)

HEAD: Traveling With Your Pets? Consider Them While You Pack

Traveling with your pets can be a fun adventure for you and for them, but make sure you’re prepared before you set sail! While you’re packing your own emergency kit, include special first aid supplies for your pets, too, just in case.

Make sure you have extras of any ice packs, blankets and disposable gloves you pack in your own first aid kit, and also include:

  • Phone numbers. List your veterinarian’s number and a number for an emergency veterinarian in the area where you will be traveling.
  • Paperwork. Keep copies of your pet’s rabies vaccine, any crucial medical records and a recent photo, in case your pet gets lost.
  • Wound dressings. You can find pet-specific bandages, gauze and antiseptic sprays or wipes at most pet stores.

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