Traveling with Pets (Road Trip)

HEAD: Planning a Road Trip With Fido

At XXXX, we have comfortable boarding facilities for cats and dogs that meet all pets’ needs while their owners are on vacation. But sometimes the joy of having a pet means taking him on vacation with you! If you’re hitting the road with your pet this summer, make sure you plan ahead and travel accordingly so both of you have the most comfortable trip possible.

  • Plan a visit with us before you leave. Make sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and that you haven’t missed a dose of their flea, tick and heartworm preventative medications. If your pet gets sick in the car, you may also want to ask us about motion sickness medication. Please make sure your pet’s microchip registration is updated with your current address and contact information as well.
  • Do your research. Ask us to print a copy of your pet’s health history to take with you, and write down addresses and phone numbers for reputable veterinarians along your route just in case. If you are taking your pet across state or international borders, health certificates and other documentation from an accredited veterinarian may be required. The American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Travel and Transport site has detailed information about what you’ll need to obtain before your pet travels.  
  • Make frequent stops. Your pup probably needs to use the bathroom more frequently than you do. Stop every three to four hours to let him take a potty break, get a snack and stretch those legs.
  • Don’t put your pet in the bed of your truck! The bed of your truck is an extremely dangerous place for your pup. Traveling at high speeds in open air (whether their head is out the window or they’re in the back of the truck) can cause lots of damage to the delicate tissues of a pet’s face. They also run a high risk of being ejected from the bed, jumping out to chase a squirrel or being choked or dragged if you stop quickly or get rear-ended. Let him ride in the cab with you.

Need more help preparing for your adventure? Contact XXXX at 999-999-9999.