Videos, Infographics, & Why You Need Them

The social media feeds of many practices are basically one cute pet patient picture after another—while this is generally excellent content, diversifying is a great way to boost engagement!

Creating visual educational content for your social media can be more time consuming, but the rewards are great in terms of engagement. Infographics and short “tips and tricks” videos are hugely popular, and research shows people will stay on a page 2.6 times longer if it has active visual content. They’re also much more likely to remember it. Here are a few tips to make it easier to create videos and infographics:

Videos: The easy availability of high-quality video on cell phones (which often come with their own editing tools) make creating how-to videos pretty simple. Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep topics simple (cleaning ears, giving pills to cats, identifying tapeworm)
  • Short & sweet: Optimum length is under 60 seconds
  • Natural lighting
  • Include subtitles

Infographics: Lucky you! If you’re getting this newsletter, iVET360 will be happy to create awesome-looking infographics for you on any topic you like, as long as the content lends itself to limited wording. You can also create your own at the following free sites:

Have questions or need help with your social media? Just ask—we’re social media experts and here to help!