Why You Should Try Scheduling Out Your Content

We know that social media management can often feel like a daunting task. The requirements for a stellar social media profile? Thoughtful strategy, clear goals, and a solid plan for execution. We have seen lots of hospitals and clinics let their social media fall by the wayside, all simply because they don’t have a plan for posting consistently. That’s where scheduling tools are a lifesaver! Here are a few of the main reasons to use a scheduling tool.
HELPS YOU PLAN AHEADWhich Means No Headaches For You! Whether it’s staying on top of holidays or events in your hospital’s calendar, a scheduling tool can help you get your plan prepped and ready to post. All your scheduled posts will go out automatically, which saves you from having to remember to post on the day! 
SAVES TIME With a scheduling tool, you no longer need to give someone multiple times to step off the floor and work on social media posts. You can streamline the process by sitting down once a week, or once a month to create and schedule your content. 
WHAT SCHEDULER TO USE? There are plenty of options to choose from, but for Instagram and Facebook use, our top recommendation is Facebook Creator Studio. This free platform is a more robust replacement for Publishing Tools, which is no longer available. From Creator Studio, you can post, boost, and schedule to both Facebook and Instagram. You can also check your page’s inbox and update/manage settings. In addition to creating feed posts, you can add to your story, upload videos, go live, and post to IGTV.
Looking for alternative platforms? Here are some of our top picks for free and paid scheduling tools:

FREE – Later.com, Planoly.com
PAID – Hootsuite.com, SproutSocial.com