Pet Breast Cancer Awareness

HEAD: October is (Pet) Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Too! Did you know that breast cancer is a serious issue for female cats and dogs as well? The statistics are alarming: breast cancer—also known as mammary cancer—is the most common malignant cancer in dogs and the third most common in cats. While felines develop this type […]

Adopt-A-Dog Month

HEAD: Adopt, Don’t Shop! October is American Humane’s annual Adopt-A-Dog Month, celebrating shelter pups and the joy they bring to our lives. It also encourages those looking for new pets to seriously consider adopting dogs from shelters. Every year, roughly 3.5 million dogs wind up in shelters, and many never find forever homes. Many animals […]

Halloween Safety Tips V2

Many people enjoy Halloween, but the same isn’t necessarily true for our pets. Constantly opening the door for trick-or-treaters, unusual costumes and noises can often put animals on edge. Here are some ideas for keeping your cat or dog safe and serene on Halloween: When expecting visitors, put your dog or cat in a quiet […]

Halloween Pet Safety (Candy & Food)

HEAD: Halloween’s No Treat for Pets! Halloween is a fun, spooky and often tasty time for us—but many treats associated with Halloween can put your pet’s health at risk. Here’s seasonal food (and drink) that you should definitely keep out of paw’s reach: Chocolate can cause upset stomachs, heart arrhythmia, panting, abnormal heart rhythm, kidney […]

Halloween Safety Tips

HEAD: Tricks for Keeping Your Pet Safe on Halloween Halloween is a fun and tasty time for people, but many things associated with the holiday can put our pets’ health at risk. Here are a few important tips to make sure your pets stay healthy and happy: Chocolate and xylitol—a sweetener often found in peanut […]