Learning Unleashed: Creating A Compelling Job Ad For Social!

It’s no secret that hiring in the current job market is a challenge- in our industry especially. In this blog post we will be sharing how to write an engaging job ad for social media, and help use social ads as a recruiting tool! Instagram has one billion active users worldwide. Facebook boasts 2.85 billion. […]

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Careful with turkey & trimmings! Bits of lean meat are fine, but fatty skin, gravy, and drippings can cause pancreatitis. Bones are a choking hazard, as is the twine you used to secure your bird. Stuffing have onion, garlic, nutmeg, raisins, nuts, or mushrooms? It’s a no-no for fido—and felines, too. Make sure centerpieces & […]

Don’t Let Your Dog Go Viral! (Canine Flu)

Updated 11/22 Just like people, dogs can get the flu—known as canine influenza, or CIV. Also just like people, the more social the individual, the greater the risk of contracting the virus. Dogs that interact with other dogs at daycare, grooming, dog parks, or who are regularly groomed are much more likely to be exposed. […]

Who Is That Masked Man?!

Preparing Your Pets for Holiday Guests The holiday season may be a little different this year, but chances are you’ll be having more people in your home than you’ve had in a while. Even the most extroverted pet can become anxious or frightened by the sudden arrival of new people, and especially if they’re wearing […]

Preparing Your Pet for Paw-liday Travel 2020

Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are current, and that you carry proof of them with you. Headed out of state? A health certificate from an accredited veterinarian is a good idea and may even be required. Check the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s pet travel information site to find out what specific documentation might be needed. […]

Don’t Slip Up With De-Icers

Looks like winter isn’t going to pull any punches again this year, and that means lots of de-icers and ice melts on walkways and parking lots to make them safer for people. Problem is commercial de-icing products are usually full of chemicals that are dangerous for pets, who might ingest them when cleaning themselves, or […]

What’s That Lump? Pet cancer is on the rise—here’s what to look for

So you’re snuggled up to your furry best friend scratching the “kick button” and you feel it: a lump that wasn’t there before. It’s understandable to be concerned, because one in four dogs and one in five cats will develop cancer in their lifetime.   November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, which was created by […]