Parvo Outbreak 2022

Email Alert Subject line: ALERT: Parvo outbreak Preview text: Parvovirus is spreading in the US—here’s how to protect your dog URGENT: Deadly Parvovirus Outbreak Spreading in the U.S. Here’s how to protect your pet Last month over 30 dogs reportedly died from a mysterious illness in Michigan that ultimately turned out to be a new […]

Learning Unleashed: How To Read Your Insights & Analytics

You’ve probably heard the words “Reporting” ” or “Insights”… but what do they actually mean, and how on earth do you make sense of them? Click here to demystify your Instagram analytics. What are Instagram analytics? Instagram analytics help you to understand the performance of your posts and account overall. It can help you figure […]

Learning Unleashed: Creating A Compelling Job Ad For Social!

It’s no secret that hiring in the current job market is a challenge- in our industry especially. In this blog post we will be sharing how to write an engaging job ad for social media, and help use social ads as a recruiting tool! Instagram has one billion active users worldwide. Facebook boasts 2.85 billion. […]

Learning Unleashed: How To Create Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are an amazing tool for hospitals to curate specifc info that is the most relevant for their audience. Because they live front and center on your profile, they are ideal for helping new visitors get to know your hospital & team, as well as any promotions or important info. What are Instagram Stories […]

Social Media 360: How to Effectively Share Social Media Holidays

Posting on national holidays, or social media holidays can be a great way to connect with your audience. All to often, we see this being used as a bit of a crutch, so here are some best practices to consider: DON’T OVERDO IT!  If you do a quick search, nearly every day is some kind […]