November Is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month

Know the symptoms of diabetes in pets Diabetes in pets is more common than you might think: it’s estimated that approximately 1 in 300 adult dogs and 1 in 230 cats in the U.S. will develop the disease. While diabetes can occur at any age, it’s of particular concern for senior pets—those over 7. Symptoms […]

Parvo Outbreak 2022

Email Alert Subject line: ALERT: Parvo outbreak Preview text: Parvovirus is spreading in the US—here’s how to protect your dog URGENT: Deadly Parvovirus Outbreak Spreading in the U.S. Here’s how to protect your pet Last month over 30 dogs reportedly died from a mysterious illness in Michigan that ultimately turned out to be a new […]

Get Your Job Ads On Facebook!

It’s no secret that recruitment and hiring is the #1 concern of veterinary practices nationwide—there are simply more jobs than there are people to fill them. That means to be successful in finding viable candidates, you need to market your practice like you would for any other purpose and leverage social media. Facebook in particular […]

Videos, Infographics, & Why You Need Them

The social media feeds of many practices are basically one cute pet patient picture after another—while this is generally excellent content, diversifying is a great way to boost engagement! Creating visual educational content for your social media can be more time consuming, but the rewards are great in terms of engagement. Infographics and short “tips […]

Personality Plus

Vet practices know what sets them apart from other animal hospitals, but their social media often isn’t fully utilized to showcase how special they are. Is holistic/alternative care a big thing for you? Are you the recognized place to go for senior pets? Is your staff particularly funny and outgoing? Do your doctors have a […]

Toot Your Own Horn

We get it—vet practices are so crazy busy these days it’s easy to forget about celebrating achievements and milestones. But there’s some real value in letting your clients know about it when your practice or a team member wins awards, earns a certification, has a notable anniversary, or does something helpful for the community. The […]