All You Need To Do Is Ask

All You Need To Do Is Ask Want to know what kind of content works for your clients? Take a poll and ask them! Here’s an example that you can copy-pasta and use today to make sure you’re on target with your social media: What kind of stuff would you like to see more of […]

The QR Code Comeback

Nowadays, QR codes are widely used and have a lot of different applications and purposes, and can be an excellent way to quickly guide someone to your social media accounts — without them having to search online. So, what IS a QR code? Put simply, QR code is a barcode made of hundreds of black […]

The Rules of Engagement

Who doesn’t love a photo of cute cats and dogs on your social posts? Although those furry friends may garner some likes, we challenge you to engage with your audience. Sound overwhelming? Fear not! We have rounded up the easiest ways to connect with your audience and start a dialogue with your followers. Use a CTA (Call […]

Facebook Gets Reels

Facebook has now rolled out its challenge to TikTok in the form of a new video feature called Reels. You can record clips of up to 60-seconds, upload videos from your camera roll, or incorporate both! You’ll find Reels at the top of your newsfeed and you can also turn any Facebook Story into a […]

Top Tips For TikTok

If you’ve been struggling with TikTok and wondering how to maximize your practice’s branded content, you’ll be happy to know the platform has now published a study on that very topic! Here are the top three takeaways from their research: Include a song and voice over for brand linkage Include a character to drive ad […]

Another Video Option: Get Reels

One of the most surprising findings from our most recent Veterinary Marketing Benchmark Report is just how popular Instagram is with veterinary practices (it’s fun, we get it!). Also fun? IG’s video app “Reels”, which makes it easy to get more followers and engagement on the app. Click the button below for some hacks and […]

Creating a Shareable Content Library

Creating a streamlined way for your team to share content is a real timesaver and makes it much easier on everyone who contributes to your hospital’s social media. If you’re not already using a trusted scheduling platform that stores content, here’s how to start a shareable content library: Create a sharable Dropbox or Google Drive […]