Learning Unleashed: Branding your Social Media Page & Posts

Keeping your brand image cohesive and consistent affects what people think about your hospital. The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding — through colors, language, fonts, and overall tone. Your brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with patients. Top Tips For Consistent Branding: Stick with your brand colors Your […]

All-American Pet Photo Day (July 11)

LET’S SEE YOUR ALL-AMERICAN PET! Today is All-American Pet Photo Day, and if your pet barks, meows, chirps, squeals, squeaks, flies, swims, hops or slithers, this is your chance to show ‘em off! Post a picture of your All-American Pet in the comments below so we can celebrate their awesomeness!

AAHA-Accredited Hospitals Day (July 22)

Why AAHA-Accredited veterinary hospitals are the pick of the litter! The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the respected accrediting organization for companion animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. July 22nd is AAHA Accredited Hospitals Day, and we’re proud to say [HOSPITAL NAME] is one of those hospitals! What does that mean for […]